About Us

SALT is a Montreal-based brand that finds nail care is not only about being pretty but also about taking healthy care. This value combined with our passion for nail art makes of SALT a brand that offers nail services and nail education that are emotional and high quality.

The nail industry is a growing industry in North America. We provide different courses for beginners and experienced nail artists. Our course content combines the essence of the Asian and North American industries, and we always pay attention to fashion trends. The content of the course is diversified, which can give you shortcuts on your career path.

We provide in-person courses and online courses. For zero-based students, we encourage you to participate in offline courses. Among them, the Nail Technician Course contains all the content you need. It is a good choice for the beginning of a nail career. If you just want to try and see if you like it, please choose our Luxio gel manicure course as a start.



Akzentz Silver ACE Educator 

The owner of Saltnails. With over 8 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has managed two salons and helped women start their own businesses since 2014, excelling in extensions, hand-painted, and custom designs. In 2018, she came to Canada to become an Akzentz educator to help local women run their own businesses.